South Lemhi School District #292

South Lemhi School District provides equal opportunities in education and employment regardless of race, religion, origin, gender, age, marital or military status, citizenship or disability.

District Information

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District Policies:

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Strategic Plan for South Lemhi Schools #292

Differentiated Pay Plan 2013 Payout 2013

We are still collecting Campbell's soup labels and box tops for education.

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Tech Prep Credits

Surplus Sale Items:

Salmon River Propane Receipts

Idaho State Department of Education Report Card for South Lemhi School District #292

South Lemhi School District Wellness Policy

Leadore Elementary Handbook

Leadore High School Handbook

South Lemhi Certified Application (Word)(PDF)

South Lemhi Classified Application (Word)(PDF)

Student Privacy Policy (Word)(PDF)

South Lemhi Schools Audit Report 2016

District Financial Information

School Year 2017-2018

School Year 2016-2017