South Lemhi School District #292

South Lemhi School District provides equal opportunities in education and employment regardless of race, religion, origin, gender, age, marital or military status, citizenship or disability.

Faculty and Staff

Our district is proud of all of those that help our students prepare for their futures. Our Administration, Teaching Staff, Support Staff and Board Members stand out as professionals


Kevin Ramsey --- Superintendent/Principal

Deena Shiner --- District Clerk

Deena Shiner

Julee Bird --- Secretary/Registrar

Julee Bird

Wes Mackay --- Board Chair

Wes Mackay

Eric Jenson --- Asst. Board Chair

Eric Jenson

Carl Lufkin --- Trustee

Bryant Beyeler --- Trustee

Bryant Beyeler

Cory Bird --- Trustee

Kortni Lufkin --- Clerk of the Board, Asst. Volleyball Coach,

Kortni Lujkin

Teachers and Paraprofessionals

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District Email

Sharon Anderson --- 3/4th Elementary Teacher

Sharon Anderson

Kelly Caywood --- Tendoy School Teacher

Kelly Caywood

Jacques Thibodeaux --- Yearbook Advisor, 9th - 11th English Teacher


MariJill Foster --- Pre-School & Kindergarten Teacher

MariJill Foster

Melody Kauer --- 5/6th Elementary Teacher

Melody Kauer

Julia Matson --- Paraprofessional Tendoy

Julia Matson

Shane Matson --- J.H. & H.S. Science Teacher & Athletic Director, HS BBB Coach

Attended Ricks College for 2 ½ years and Graduated with Associates Degree in Biology in 1985. Attended Idaho State University and graduated in 1988 with a degree in Teachers Education, Certified in Natural Sciences. 1988-89 taught in West Minico Jr. High in Rupert, Idaho. Started teaching Science at Leadore High School in 1989-90. Yes, that was a long time ago folks.
Shane Matson

Denise McRea --- Librarian, K-12th Art, & J.H. English Teacher

Denise McRea

Kevin Ramsey --- Government, U.S. History, Robotics & Spanish Teacher. Technology Coordinator, Driver Ed. Instructor

I consider education a life long skill and hope to motivate students to always look for ways to learn something about anything. Teaching at Leadore is a new experience everyday. Today's students will change the world tomorrow!
Kevin Ramsey

Kim Sharp --- Professional-Technical Business Teacher, & BPA Advisor

Kim Sharp

Joan Smith --- 1/2nd Elementary Teacher

During the last 25 years I have become certified in Secondary English and Psychology, and am Highly Qualified in Middle School and Early Childhood Education along with my Highly Qualified Status in Elementary Education. My Interests include my family and the country life style, (outdoors, animals, yard and garden, neighbors,) and being involved in community activities of a large variety throughout the Lemhi Valley. I believe strongly in the strength and value of friends, neighbors and family, which are all elements of a small community based school system such as we have here in South Lemhi School District.
Joan Smith

Kelly Smith --- Paraprofessional Leadore

Kelly Smith

Daniel Frongner --- Math Teacher

Daniel Frongner

Melanie Stocks --- 7/8th Social Studies, Academic Advisor, Testing Facilitator

Debi Zohner --- K - 12th Special Ed. & P.E., H.S. Health Teacher

Debi Zohner

Auxiliary Staff

Food Services

Lisa Bird --- Head Cook

Lisa Bird

Transportation Staff

Gerald Peterson --- Head Bus Driver/Coordinator, Hwy 28 Route Driver

Gerald Peterson

Boyd Foster --- Chief Mechanic

Shanna Foster --- Asst. Bus Coordinator/Driver

Shanna Foster

Debra Shiner --- Sub. Route Driver

Custodial Staff

Tony and Michele Nef --- Leadore School

Tony & Michele Nef

Kay Ramsey --- Tendoy

Kay Ramsey

John Warren --- (TUIT) Handyman, Mayor

Richard Barany --- HS Girls BB Coach

Richard Barany

JeriAnn Beyeler --- Cheerleader/Drill Team Advisor

Tawna Jones --- Track Coach

Janet Proulx --- Asst. Track Coach


David Tomchak --- Cross Country Coach

Laura Tomchak --- Asst. Cross Country Coach

Susan Whittaker --- Volleyball Coach

Susan Whittaker