Principal's Message

Mr. Shane Matson

Shane Matson
Principal/Science Teacher

We've surged past the end of our first quarter and we're well into the second quarter of our school year.  Our students have not been disappointing at all and they're (K-12) working hard.  As stated in my first message this year, with the help of everyone involved with our school district, we will make this a successful year, regardless of COVID-19.  Both the girls Volleyball and the boys Cross Country teams made great strides towards success this year.  Our pandemic threatens to prevent our basketball season from being a live spectator sport, but our kids are showing their worth by putting forth their best efforts without a large home school crowd.  Please continue to support them with encouragement and by watching their games via the internet.  To watch Leadore Mustang home basketball games, go to and type in "Leadore Mustangs" in the search bar and it will direct you to the live games.  We've had good comments so far and we're training students to run the equipment and capture the games for everyone and anyone interested. 

Who knows where the rest of this year will take us, and where 2021 is headed, but please continue to encourage and support your students.  We, as administration and staff, appreciate the support that the school has received thus far.  Business has not been as usual, but we have endeavored to make it as usual as possible.  As a society, we will pay the price if we neglect our kids by making them pay the price, even though they are the least vulnerable individuals in this pandemic.  As the State continues to make mandates, we as a school will comply and ask that parents and patrons do so also.  With the help of our fantastic community we will continue to see that our students are successful this school year.  Thank you!


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