2020-2021 Safety Plan

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South Lemhi Safety Plan for academic year 2020-21

South Lemhi School District’s (SLSD) Plan is to resume in-school, face-to-face instruction, on Tuesday, September 1, unless otherwise directed by the State Board of Education or the local health department. For families who are not comfortable returning to school, South Lemhi School District will offer an online option as coordinated with teaching staff.

Planning for the Future

We cannot predict the course of the current worldwide pandemic. We are hoping that the spread will slow or end as soon as possible.

One of the lessons we have learned from this past spring is that as prepared as SLSD 292 thought it was, we need to continue to prepare for any potential scenario lurking in the near future. In preparation for the 2020-21 school year, school staff and district leaders have prepared three scenarios for returning. Additionally, there will be an option for families who choose not to send their students to school because of concerns about COVID-19.

To make each of these possible scenarios easier to remember and implement, they have each been assigned a color:

Green — Normal School Operations

Minimal or moderate community transmission (as defined by Eastern Idaho Public Health)

SLSD plans to start the year with schools open and safety precautions in place (social distancing protocols, an increase in cleaning and sanitation, and temperature/condition screening), assuming conditions are the same as they are currently. Buses will run. School lunch services will be provided but on a slightly modified scheduled for Elementary, Jr., and High school students within the Leadore School.

Yellow – Alternate Day Schedule

Moderate community transmission (as defined by Eastern Idaho Public Heath)

SLSD has developed the following contingency plan as an option to avoid complete school closure. The plan’s implementation will be determined by guidance from Eastern Idaho Public Health and other Idaho governmental authorities that have jurisdiction over school operations.


If physical distancing requirements become more stringent, schools may go to an alternate (shortened) schedule. When not in school, students will continue their learning through a combination of video streaming, Google Classroom, Schoology, and/or Unified Classroom.

SLSD recognizes that this plan places an additional burden on families who will need to make accommodations for the days when their students are not in school. This scenario was developed to avoid a complete school closure in order to maintain regular contact between teachers and students.

Red – School Buildings Closed

Substantial community transmission (as defined by Eastern Idaho Public Health)

If there is a statewide or local order to close all schools or an individual school, learning will continue with a combination of face-to-face and remote learning in an effort to reduce the amount of contact student are exposed to during the week without completely shutting down the use of our buildings. An educational plan will look somewhat like the following…

  • Monday (Full or shortened day, face-to-face)
  • Tuesday (work from home online with teacher driven instruction using online tools)
  • Wednesday (work from home online with teacher driven instruction using online tools)
  • Thursday (Full or shortened day, face-to-face)


Students will submit work and receive feedback using teacher’s choice of a Learning Management System (LMS). Assessments and grading will continue until schools can transition to a full schedule of face-to-face classes.


Safety Precautions

At the beginning of the year (while in a Green status) safety procedures will be in place to reduce the chance of the spread of illness in all scenarios:

Health concerns

  • Temperature screening will be done along bus routes and in each of our buildings
  • If a student or adult is found with a temperature of 100.4 or higher, they will be asked to return to their home with a recommendation of medical attention depending on their condition and symptoms as a precaution associated with the current level of community spread


  • We ask all of our parents to monitor their students each day and keep them home if needed.


  • SLSD is working to deliver blended learning options for those that chose not to attend one of our two buildings
  • While blending learning is an option for educational delivery, SLSD does not condone this process as an ideal learning condition. Blended/online courses will be provided for students on a case by case scenario as needed
  • For the time being, because SLSD offers a blended learning option, attendance policies will be amended on a case-by-case status.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Establish hand hygiene stations in school buildings
  • Mask/face shields optional for staff/students


  • Hand sanitizer and promotion of regular hand washing
  • Staff and students trained in physical distancing, handwashing and respiratory etiquette
  • Regular sanitation of desks and other hard surfaces and frequently touched parts of school buildings
  • Arrangement of desks to account for physical distancing
  • Limit the use of shared materials and spaces


  • Hand sanitizer available
  • Regular hot lunch menu will be available
  • Lunch times staggered to reduce occupants in the cafeteria
  • In addition to the cafeteria, alternative lunch locations will be available depending on the facility’s design
  • Offer options to eat outside

Office Strategies and Other Non-Instructional Spaces

  • Maintain six feet of distance when possible
  • Hand sanitizer available
  • Regular sanitation of surfaces
  • Identify an isolation/screening room in each school


  • Limit visitors to parents and essential visitors on campus
  • Educational information will be posted about reducing the risk of spread of contagions


  • Limit field trips, assemblies, and other large gatherings if physical distancing cannot be achieved
  • Implement strategies at each school that discourage gatherings in areas such as the bus lane, restrooms, recess, hallways, lunch, before and after school

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

SLSD is working with the Idaho High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) to develop plans for activities and athletics during the fall of the 2020-2021 school year. As additional information is available about fall activities, the district will provide that information to parents and students.


Current conditions make it impossible to know how to handle every situation that may impact our great community. This document is fluid and can change depending on the conditions presented. Evaluations will be made weekly, if not daily, to keep our students and community as safe as possible while providing the best educational experience possible. Any changes will be amended by the School Board in coordination with local health officials and be transmitted to the community in an expedient fashion.

Those within the SLSD organization request the help, support, and understanding from the community as decisions are made and carried out.



Thank you.

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