Principal's Message

Mr. Shane Matson

Shane Matson
Principal/Science Teacher

Wow,  what an eventful end of the year, quick summer, and now, here we are looking at the beginning of another year.  We, the staff at Leadore School, are still not sure what this year is going to bring.  There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Covid 19 virus pandemic, and although we live in a very rural and small community, we are not immune from the effects of the Caronavirus.  All of the staff want to be prepared for what may face us, and all of us want our kids in school learning.  Here's the thought that I want to leave with you:  We can do this and we'll make it work.  Our community is very supportive of education, our students are very good students, and we have the resilience to see through the difficult times.  So let's keep our chins up, stay optimistic, and support one another.  We have a School Plan and you can read it on this site, but come what may, lets make educating our youth a priority.   


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