April 27 District Update

Good morning.

During the most recent school board meeting held on April 27, the decision was made to extend the current “soft closure” status until the end of the 2019-20 school year. This decision was made due to recent developments locally with the announcement of a case of COVID-19 exposure as a result of community spread within our county as well as other guidelines as directed by the Idaho State School Board. We are very concerned for the health of our patrons and students.

The following list is a tentative agenda and other details for the few remaining weeks we have of school:

  1. The awards banquet has been postponed until early Fall, 2020. Congratulations to Susan Whittaker for being the 6th District Volleyball Coach of the Year!

  2. This year's Graduation will be held according to the wishes (and allowable reason) of our Seniors. Please check the “District News” on www.leadoreschool.org” for updated details.

  3. The following “Elective” classes will end (cease any new assignments) Monday, May 4th. Courses will remain open for those students that need more time to finish outstanding assignments or would like to raise their grade. This decision has been made in the hope that more emphasis will be placed on core curriculum and lessen the overall workload generally. 

    1. Elementary Art, Music, and PE

    2. High School Art and PE

    3. 9th grade World History (Mr. Session’s 5th hour)

    4. Career Explorations Classes

    5. English Mythology (Mr. Berrett’s 7th hour)

    6. Desktop Publishing (Mrs. Sharp’s 5th hour)

    7. Business Essentials (Mrs. Sharp’s 6th hour)

    8. Digital Technology/Journalism

    9. SAT prep course

    10. Creative Writing (Mr. Berrett’s 6th hour)

  4. A bus will continue to run every Thursday until May 21 to deliver packets and pick up completed packets for grades 1-8 as assigned by their teachers.

  5. All classwork will be completed no later than May 26th. Grades will be posted May 27th.

  6. The Science Olympics will be postponed until early Fall, 2020.

  7. Student check out/locker clean out/laptop return will take place between May 19-22 according to the most current social distancing policies established at that time. 

We understand that there will be questions and concerns as we finish out this exciting/interesting school year. We are very grateful for all the work that parents and patrons have placed on student success. We never intended for something this epic to happen but, having overcome this obstacle shows what kind of force we are within this great community!

Please contact the district office: 208-768-2441 for questions or email teachers directly to resolve concerns. They are ready and willing to help during this time of need. 

Thank you. 

Kevin Ramsey, Superintendent SLSD #292


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