Leadore BPA Team

Leadore High School Chapter

State Leadership Conference was held February 22-25, in Boise, Idaho. Ten students represented Leadore High School. They were as follows: Olivia Beyeler, Jacie Herbst, Azelynn Jones, Rachel Loeweke, Katie Mackay, Mackenzie Mackay, Ady Matson, Jared Ramsey, John Ulsh & Reiny Whittaker accompanied by their advisor Kim Sharp.

Olivia competed in Business Law & Ethics as well as Payroll Accounting. Jacie competed in
Fundamental Word Processing and placed 8th in Integrated Office Applications. Azelynnm, Rachel and Katie competed in Fundamental Desktop Publishing. Mackenzie placed 1st in Personal Financial Management & 5th in Financial Math & Analysis Concepts. Ady placed 2nd in ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnostic Coding & 4th in Health Administration Procedures. Jared competed in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications, John competed in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications & Banking & Finance. Reiny competed in Health Administration Procedures.

Mackenzie Mackay and Ady Matson qualified to attend the National Leadership Conference in
Anaheim, CA April 26 - 30th and will compete in their individual events. Congratulations to all of Leadore’s BPA members.

Photograph Attached in the e-mail.
Front row left to right: Kim Sharp, Jacie Herbst, Reiny Whittaker, Rachel Loeweke, Katie Mackay
Second row left to right: Mackenzie Mackay, Azelynn Jones, Ady Matson, Olivia Beyeler, Jared Ramsey, John Ulsh