Idaho State Capitol Building in Boise

Education is always on the minds of state legislators. This year, what will Idaho do with the largest state surplus of funding to date? Here are some bills that may get attention as we anticipate the fast approching sessions to begin (have already began in some cases) this coming year. 

  • State Standards reform for education -- by Rep. Clow
  • State Health Insurance for teachers and classified staff -- by Rep. Furniss
  • Superintendent Evaluations and School Board training -- by Sen. Lent
  • Incentivizing Learning for engaged students --by Sen. Thayn
  • All day Kindergarden -- by Sen. Crabtree
  • Early learning/Literacy funding --by Rep. Kerby
  • Other items--
    • ADA vs. Enrollments funding for schools
    • Amend the Career Ladder for experienced teachers
    • Facilities and improvements
    • Supplimental Levy concerns for districts

In the coming week, Governor Brad Little will present his ideas about what he wants to see regarding the historical state surplus of funding, education, and what 2022 may look like.