school supplies checklist

The time has arrived to prepare for a new school year. The entire staff is preparing for the new year and are excited and motived to have another great year! School begins on August 30th! The Leadore School will hold L-Day for the Jr. and High School in the afternoon on that day. (please be aware of what you wear that day if you plan on getting wet)

There have been many requests about a School Supply List in preparation for the new year. Due to the Free Education rules and guidelines for public education, our District does not supply a formal school supply list. Having said this...we realize that preparing for the school year is kind of fun for many students, so we will ask that some items be gathered to allow students to be better prepared for the year. These items will be owned and used by the student and not be collected or generally distributed to the general student population. 

The following list applies to those students that attend the Leadore School. Those students attending the Tendoy school will be contacted by Mrs. Ellsworth either before or shortly after school begins for supply needs. 

Elementary student:

  • A change of gym shoes: Many students wear boots or other types of footwear to school. We want to protect our gym floors so we ask that a change of shoes be kept at school so the play may continue and we may respect the building. If possible, no black soled shoes...they leave marks.
  • Miscellaneous classroom supplies: These items are your choice. The school has a quantity of supplies to share with students if needed so it is at your discretion as to what you want to use during the day. i.e., pencils, pens, markers, crayons, ruler, notebooks, and traditional other personal classroom supplies.

Junior/High School students:

  • A  flash drive of some sort. This can be a small drive that fits into your pocket or larger one that would have much more storage space. There is no minim or maximum storage requirement. The school has drives available for a small fee if preferred. 
  • A change of gym shoes: for the same reasons as listed above.

This is it for the most part. There may be additional items that are specific to certain units or projects. For the most part, these are the items that are at the top of the list. Please use judgement when purchasing items to be used at school. Our dress code is one of respect and dignity. Our students are met with respect and are expected to know and follow district rules (which will be highlighted on the first day of school for the older students). The district provides a laptop and backpack to all student in grades 7-12. These items are to be treated as if they were your own. It has been challenging to maintain our technology recently due to unintended lapse in judgement and choices.

Please contact the school or individual teachers if you have additional questions. Thank you.