Leadore BPA Team

Leadore’s BPA club attended the regional conference on December 14, 2022 hosted by CEI in Idaho Falls. The members that competed were as follows: Olivia Beyeler, Sadie Bird, Jacie Herbst, Azelynn Jones, Rachel Loeweke, Katie Mackay, Mackenzie Mackay, Ady Matson, Jared Ramsey, JohnUlsh, and Reiny Wittaker accompanied by their advisor Kim Sharp.

Those members who qualified in their specialized individual events are: Olivia Beyeler placed 1st in Business Law & Ethics and 2nd in Payroll Accounting, she also placed in the following open events: Administrative Support Concepts & Financial Math & Analysis Concepts. Sadie Bird placed 1st in Administrative Support Research Project & 5th in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications. Jacie Herbst placed 1st in Fundamental Word Processing & 1st in Integrated Office Applications. Azelynn Jones placed 2nd in Fundamental Desktop Publishing & 8th in Graphic Design Promotion. Rachel Loeweke placed 5th in Fundamental Desktop Publishing & 11th in Graphic Design Promotion. Katie Mackay placed 1st in Fundamental Desktop Publishing & 5th in Prepared Speech. Mackenzie Mackay placed 1st in Personal Financial Management, & 7th in Banking & Finance, she also placed in the following open events: Medical Terminology Concepts, Financial Math & Analysis Concepts, and Digital Marketing Concepts. Ady Matson placed 1st in Health Administration Procedures & 4th in ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnostic Coding she also placed in the open event Medical Terminology Concepts. Jared Ramsey placed 4th in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications & 6th in Fundamental Desktop Publishing. John Ulsh placed 2nd in Banking & Finance & 2nd in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications he also placed in the open event Financial Math & Analysis Concepts. Reiny Whittaker placed 3rd in Health Administration Procedures & 4th in Graphic Design Promotion.

Business Professionals of America’s state leadership conference is February 23-25, 2023 at the Boise Convention Center. Any student that qualifies at state in either an open event or a specialized individual event is allowed to attend the National Leadership Conference. This year Nationals will be held in Anaheim, CA, April 26-30, 2023.

Photograph Attached in the e-mail.
Back row left to right: Olivia Beyeler,Ady Matson, John Ulsh, Jared Ramsey, Mackenzie Mackay, & Sadie Bird
Front row left to right: Reiny Whittaker, Rachel Loeweke, Katie Mackay, Jacie Herbst, & Azelynn Jones