Superintendent's Message

Mr. Kevin Ramsey

Kevin Ramsey
Superintendent/AD/Social Studies/Driver Ed.

Good afternoon everyone, 

This letter is being sent to announce two activities that will be happening shortly, specifically on the 28th of July, 2020. You may have heard of the first... a swing set installation party which will begin at 4pm. Please see the attached flyer regarding this activity. 

The second activity will be a town hall meeting (beginning at 7pm) which we would like all to attend. This meeting will be informational followed by a Q&A session regarding the many options for returning to school this coming fall. We welcome all of our community members whether they have students or not. 

There has never been a crisis similar to this during my lifetime. True, there have been wars on foriegn soil but never has there been a concern of this magnitude infiltrate our very homes. This is why we need to meet together as a community to exchange our thoughts and feelings to develop a plan for our safety. Here are some items to consider and think about before meeting on the 28th. 

  • What is best for our students? 

  • What can we do to protect our community?

  • What do the local health officials have to say?

  • Please limit time on social media. 

  • Any decision we make today, can change tomorrow.

  • There are minimum and maximum safety regulations.

  • What can I do to help?

  • Our district is different from other districts. We have different conditions and needs.

Here is a link to a short survey. Will you please take it? We want to compile an amount of information in preparation for our meeting on the 28th. A plan will be submitted during the August 10th School Board meeting. 

We welcome input as we prepare for the coming school year. Thank you.



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