Superintendent's Message

Mr. Kevin Ramsey

Kevin Ramsey
Superintendent/AD/Social Studies/Driver Ed.

4 June 2020

Good morning, afternoon, or evening...

I would like to send out a big THANK YOU to this amazing community! Reflecting on the 2019-20 school year makes me question how we were able to finish strong...the answer is was because of you! The past school year was full of new and trying events, of which, many happened for the very first time in our sheltered community. With no experience to fall back on, it was only by working together for the purpose of our students, our most precious assets, that we succeeded and superseded these obstacles. 

I know it was not easy for many of you. Looking at the past in more detail, there were many trials. Parents have sacrificed time and effort as education was thrust upon them. Teachers were forced to become online or distance learning professionals with very short notice. Students needed to be accountable for school work while dealing with the many distractions found within the home. I congratulate you all for a job well done and (under these conditions) a successful school year. 

Why was it successful? As many of you are aware, the state required districts to administer the IRI testing for literacy to our younger students. They did GREAT! The results indicated a maintenance level and even a very gradual rise in scores during our last quarter of school. We also administered a final math assessment to our students K-9. Those results were amazing as well, with an average increase of 5 or more points across all grade levels. I’ve always known we have great students within our district!

So, where do we go from here? The school year has ended and we are slowly opening access to our facilities again. We are working on plans to stay compliant to recent protocols sent to us by the state department of education and the governor's office. What will that look like? We are not entirely sure. What we do know is that we want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, change has been thrust upon us so we need to comply the best we can. Some of the most recent requirements will be strictly enforced until we are given new information. 

We will begin “open gym” this weekend if desired, with a few conditions. This will not be an “open gym” as we have known it. Regardless of the sport, no event will be held without first checking with myself (Mr. Ramsey) or Mr. Matson. Once administration has been contacted, a coach (or approved adult) will be required to manage/monitor those in attendance which will be RSVP as much as possible. Participants are required to sign in upon arrival, checked in (processed by taking temperature and questioned about health issues), and monitored throughout the event. No more than 15 participants are allowed for now. (we are aware that current state guidelines allow for gatherings of 50+, but because of close contact, perspiration, and control, we are limiting participation to 15 until further notice) No random participation from walk-ins if possible. If random people show up, we will allow it as long as they adhere to the above requirements by being processed accordingly. Finally, everything will be cleaned and put away before leaving the gym for the evening. Cleaning supplies, temporal scanners, and other materials will be provided and stored in the medical room behind the stage. 

The weight room will also be available as long as similar guidelines are followed. There have been several keys shared within the community that allow access to the weight room. We ask that those with keys be observant to social distancing requirements and clean as you go. You are not only helping yourself but providing a service to the community. 

Facility use sheets (name...please print so it is legible...and date) will be available near each entrance to the gym and weight room. We also request that no young children be left unattended on school grounds, in the halls, and exploring without supervision. It is necessary for us to track who uses our facilities. This is required so we may track the spread of contagion in the case there is community spread and our facility was the cause of that spread. 

We understand that this will require effort on many levels. We hope it will be a small price to pay for the benefits of using the building under current conditions/restrictions.

Many of you may ask what our school will be like this coming Fall as we prepare to return to school. I am in constant contact with the governor’s office and the State Board of Education. Social distancing protocols will determine our routines and what the school day will look like. I am determined to find the best and safest way to reopen our schools and bring some degree of normalcy back to our community. I will keep everyone informed as we learn new information. 


Thank you.



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