Superintendent's Message

Mr. Kevin Ramsey

Kevin Ramsey
Superintendent/AD/Social Studies/Driver Ed.

18 March 2020

 Dear Patrons and Community Members of the South Lemhi School District (SLSD) #292


We are very grateful to reside in a community such as ours, where we can maintain cherished values and are somewhat secluded from the trials of the world. Holding this sentiment close to our minds and hearts, we are still part of the world, which is apparent now more than ever.

Many of you are glued to recent reports regarding the spread of COVID-19 throughout our nation and state. More importantly, you are concerned how this spread will affect us locally. SLSD is also working to adapt to a number of variables to continue the educational routine of our students. We are considering options for home study in order to reduce the amount of exposure and spread of this epidemic. As part of our plans…we are calling on you, the parents and patrons of our community, to respect the needs of our students by participating in some of the following activities (many are voluntary and health oriented but critically needed if we are going to reduce the transference of this contagion) …

  • Self-quarantine if you have been out of area or feel that your family/students are at risk. The suggested time for this quarantine is 14 days. This will allow enough time to identify symptoms of sickness.
  • If you have been out of area or are concerned that you may have been exposed, please get tested.
  • There is a strong possibility that SLSD will follow the example of other districts or be forced to close our buildings to student attendance. Your help is required to make sure that students fulfill their obligations of work each day. We request your help, because even though there are rumors of no negative repercussions for attendance or workload, SLSD is, as is every other district in the state, being held accountable for student progression. SLSD is preparing for short and long term suspensions of student attendance but needs your help to make things work. Please allow time during the days ahead for a set routine of study associated with daily accountability.

Finally, please remain calm and rational. We are all working to manage this situation the best way possible. Only together can we protect our great country, state, and community. Thank you.




Kevin Ramsey, Superintendent SLSD #292


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