Superintendent's Message

Mr. Kevin Ramsey

Kevin Ramsey
Superintendent/AD/Social Studies/Driver Ed.

13 January 2021

SUBJECT: Weekly update and news from the South Lemhi School District

Dear Community,

We have been gathering information to send out regarding many of the activities, policies, and updates we have received recently. Everyday seems to bring something strange and new to the table.

Time has flown and this week ends the first semester of the school year. Grades will be finalized this coming weekend and sent home electronically (if we can make it work) next week.

Grades 7-12 will travel to Salmon on the 14th to go bowling and have lunch.

The school board will meet Thursday, January 14th, in the evening at 7pm in a virtual meeting to discuss district options regarding the new Stage 2 requirements focusing on Athletic Events and Attendance. A link will be provided on the Google Calendar if you would like to attend.

January 28 will be a virtual day. Teachers will prepare students to work from home that day. Teachers will spend the day at each school preparing materials for the State Accreditation Review in April.

We have planned two ski trips this year. February 18th and 25th. We have sent home paperwork with students. There are several COVID protocols that need your attention. Please look over them and discuss them with your students if they would like to go skiing/snowboarding. Grade K-12 are invited to go. Lost Trail requests that any student age 7 or younger be accompanied by a parent that plans to ski/snowboard. Because of this, parents may drive separately with their students but students may not drive themselves. We will not be traveling to Maverick this year.

Elementary students that do not go skiing on February 18th will travel to Salmon to go bowling.

Because COVID protocols have been a major concern this season, there have been several changes take place within the district. One specific change has hit the Athletics program very hard financially. To help our program(s), the student body officers are working on a fundraiser that will take place between the basketball and track season. Money earned will be placed back into the Athletic fund to bring the district out of the hole as well as purchase badly needed equipment that has been pushed aside for many years. More details to come.

Administration is aware that communication between the district and community is very important. While there have been gaps in the communications process at times, the district is working to keep you informed through electronic mail/text, website, calendars, Facebook, YouTube, and many other means of communication. If you feel that you are not able to access any of the above-mentioned outlets, please contact the school to request help and/or information. Thank you.


Kevin Ramsey, Superintendent SLSD #292


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