Here is an opportunity to get your physical done for sports.
12 days ago, Mr. Mayo
Sports Physicals
Good evening! The District is still in search of a Child Nutrition Supervisor at the Leadore School AND a 7th and 8th Grade Volleyball Coach. Please inquire at the school asap. Have a great night!
13 days ago, South Lemhi School District
Yearbooks can be picked up today between the times of 5 pm - 6:30 pm.
13 days ago, Student Body
Hello! Yearbooks are ready and available for pick up tomorrow, Monday, July 8th. Please come to the school to get yours! Any books that are paid for, will be held until the start of the new school year and passed out then. Also, right now this pickup time is ONLY for yearbooks that have been PAID for. If there are unsold books, we will sell those at the start of the new school year. Happy Summer! Any questions contact Mrs. Mulkey
14 days ago, Yearbook Staff
Good afternoon, The summer reading program "Read for Adventure" begins on May 28th and goes through August 28th with activities occurring every Wednesday from 2-4pm. All ages are invited. For more details see the flyer on our website or visit our local library. Have a great summer!
about 2 months ago, South Lemhi School District
Summer Reading Program
School Year 2024-25 Calendar and Jr./H Daily Schedule.
about 2 months ago, District Office
Good Evening! There will be a "Smarty" roping dummy at the school tomorrow morning. Bring your dummy ropes...and happy almost summer!
2 months ago, Student Body
Student Body still is asking for JH/HS students to bring yard games and activities to play before we head to the movie in Salmon. Happy last week!
2 months ago, South Lemhi School District
The weather outside is were thinking of something delightful. On Wednesday, instead of heading to Hawley Creek, games and activities will take place at the Leadore school. Lunch will be Pizza Rippers. In the afternoon, the Elementary will have a movie day at the school. The Jr./H school will travel to Salmon for a Movie Day at the Salmon River Cinemas. IF. We hope this will be a fun change. On Thursday...grades 9-12 will register for next years classes before leaving for the summer.
2 months ago, District Office
Good evening. FFA will be selling ice cream at lunch tomorrow 5/21 and Wednesday 5/22 as long as there is some still available. The cost will be $1.00 a bowl for any who are interested.
2 months ago, South Lemhi School District
Happy Last Week! Please make sure you have all your student's fees paid to the office before end of day Thursday, May 23rd. Also school will be released at 11:30am! Call the school with any questions.
2 months ago, South Lemhi School District
Spring has brought us such a nice suprise...oh wait...wrong song! It seems that winter is not done with us yet. Today's Track Meet for the Elementary at Leadore will be moved indoors.
2 months ago, District Office
Our very own Azelynn Jones competed at the State Track Meet today in Middleton. She set a personal record, placed 6th, and received a medal in the 3200! Congratulations Azelynn! Mustang Nation is proud of you!
2 months ago, Mrs. Janet Proulx
Azelynn Jones podium
Come support the FFA program on May 16th at 6:00pm for some wonderful activities and a silent auction! The Blazing Guns Pizza Wagon will be there and donate part of the profits to FFA! See you there!
2 months ago, South Lemhi School District
FFA Activity
There was a typo in the last message. Hawley Creek is WEDNESDAY, May 22nd not Tuesday. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2 months ago, Student Body
Attention students going to Hawley Creek on Tuesday, May 22nd. The student body is asking students to bring "Yard Games" to add the fun of the day. It will be fun filled day on the mountain with food, games, music, and more. Call the school with questions!
2 months ago, Student Body
Last Newsletter of the year!
2 months ago, Student Body
As quickly as the school year started...the time has come to wrap things up. We hope the year has been positive and successful. Thank you for the support! At this time we would like to remind parents that meal fees, uniforms, library books to be returned, yearbook purchases, and other items that need to be attended to are quickly approaching as we are finishing the year. If you know of any of these items apply to you, please contact the school to resolve the details. Thank you.
2 months ago, District Office
Just a quick reminder that the Leadore High School Awards Banquet will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, May 14th. There will be a potluck dinner at 6:00 PM and the awards portion will start at 6:30 PM. We hope to see everyone there. Go Mustangs!!
2 months ago, Mr. Mayo
Awards Banquet
8-15 May 2024 Newsletter
3 months ago, Student Body